Watch: Ryan Murphy Releases Long Awaited Kurt and Blaine Box Scene

Didn’t we all dream of walking the halls of high school holding hands with our hot boyfriend?

The internet has been begging for the scene from the Glee Christmas episode in which Blaine (Darren Criss) gives Kurt (Chris Colfer) a small box. The scene was in previews, but cut from the episode when it aired, sparking an outcry that became the beginning of the Box Scene Project, which raised money for Project Angel Food. Money was raised to buy a copy of the script for the scene, but the video has been elusive until now.

Ryan Murphy promised the scene would be released via his Twitter account if he got to 500,000 followers, but he loves the fans enough (or fears them) that he released it when he reached 100,000 followers.

The scene is absolutely magical fan service, with Klaine discussing their first Christmas as a couple, addressing Kurt’s fabulous wardrobe, and his attempt to win the auction for Elizabeth Taylor‘s jewlery collection. But it’s the speech that Blaine gives about the item in the box that makes it so sweet, because if our boyfriend said those things, we’d pick him up and run to the closest wedding chapel. But I don’t want to spoil it, so watch for yourself.


It’s hard to believe that something so sweet would be cut for Finchel fans to get endless drama for the alpha couple. But you tell me, was it worth the wait?


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