Watch/Discuss Last Night’s Double Episode Of “Happy Endings:” Homeo & Dudeliet

In the first of this week’s episodes, when Max tries out Jane and Alex‘s long-time hairdresser, Krisjahn (guest star RuPaul), he gets some good salon gossip, but his big mouth might start a Kerkovich war. And when the Steak Me Home truck is stolen, Dave and Penny try to find the culprit.

Favorite Moments:

  • “Krisjahn – very common gay fake French name”
  • “What’s the name of that horse that goes to war?” “War Biscuit. Duh.”

  • “Ghost truck.”
  • Alex and the vaseline. And the life-size Brad doll.

  • “I don’t know what’s more disturbing, the chaos that Jane and Alex caused, or how much attention this paper paid to two little girls.”
  • Sister dance!
  • THIS! Just when I thought Max couldn’t be more adorable. I think he’s hot as Dave 2, although I agree with Brad that “you look like Suze Orman if she stopped shaving.”

Next page! Last night’s second episode.


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