Watch/Discuss Last Night’s “Happy Endings:” “He’s Like Kathy Bates, Only Way Fatter.”

On the Season Three premiere of Happy Endings, Max tries to Misery Penny, Dave and Alex try to keep it caszh, and introducing “Sinbrad.”

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Favorite Moments:

  • “Trust us, the last we thing we want is for things to get complicated, like in It’s Complicated, so we’re just going to go with it, like in Just Go With It, and be friends with benefits like in No Strings Attached.
  • I’m loving Dave’s new hair.
  • “I have moves like Jagger. Specifically, the ones he used on David Bowie in the 70′s”

  • “My one-man experimental band … Yoko Uno.”
  • “He’s like Kathy Bates, only way fatter.”
  • They really need to make Brad and Sinbrad’s singing summation a permanent part of the show.

What were your favorite moments?