Watch/Discuss Last Night’s “Modern Family:” “Could I Talk To Grandma Groovy?”

On last night’s Modern Family, it was Cam vs. Gloria, Mitch vs. Jay, and Claire vs. Greg Kinnear.

Even though it was broad and obvious, I still enjoyed the catfighting between Gloria and Cam, who makes the perfect passive-aggressive comedy in-law.

Favorite Moments:

  • “As a thank you, I took some time to rearrange your kitchen so it makes sense.”
  • “My grandma Bitsy’s secret recipe, given to her by her housekeeper Delilah, who raised her and was her best friend. Kind of like The Help, except Delilah was white and was actually herself quite the racist.”
  • Phil’s entire “I want to go back” bit.

What were your favorite moments?

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