Watch/Discuss Last Night’s “Modern Family:” The Future Dunphys

Claire and Phil see the “Future Dunphys” at the hospital, and Cam and Mitch try to teach Lily about her cultural heritage

Favorite Moments:

  • All of the stuff with Lily, Cam, Mitch and Gloria was gold, and some of the funniest scenes of the season, especially the restaurant bit, which is classic Modern Family.
  • Cam and Mitch trying to explain Vietnam. “Bikes! So many bikes!”
  • “This is a special soup called Pho.” “You told me never to say that word.”
  • Mitch constantly saying the exact wrong thing.
  • “You just caused a scene in a restaurant, and you can’t get any more like your daddies than that.”
  • The Future Dunphys (including Justine Bateman).

What were your favorite moments?


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