Watch/Discuss Last Night’s “Modern Family:” The Tiny Pink Panther

This year’s Valentine’s Day episode features Mitch and Cam throwing a Lonely Hearts party … and waking up with a new roommate. This was a great episode, with each of three segments working the strengths of each couple.

Favorite Moments:

  • “It’s like I have a sailor in my mouth”.
  • Claire‘s bloody heart “explosion”
  • Jay looking out for Manny was sweet.
  • “Like you’ve never gotten drunk and dyed a cat pink with cherry Kool-Aid.”
  • “Seems like Prancer is the belle of the ball. No surprise there. Well … you must be Vixen.”
  • How can you not love Dylan? “Gay dudes have always been nice to me. I mean super nice. But nothing like this.”
  • “So many years living life underwater. Came up for air in the room of your daughter. Never knew I would find my answer, in my ex-girlfriend’s uncles’ house, with the tiny pink panther.”

What were your favorite moments?

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