10 Reasons We Love Patrick Wilson


Few actors out there have the combo of looks, talent, smarts, and genuine unpredictability that Patrick Wilson has. He’s done everything from eye candy to Hard Candy, and with his recent left-field smashes (twin indie horror box office juggernauts Insidious and The Conjuring), he doesn’t show any signs of coming back to Earth anytime soon. Here are ten reasons we can’t get enough of the guy.

1. He ain’t shy.

Little CHildren movie poster

Even if you aren’t familiar with his work as an actor, you are likely familiar with his work as an actor whose clothes fall off all the time. He’s given us a guided tour of Mount Patrick and Mount Wilson several times now, most notably in the steamy suburban drama Little Children (never before have we so dearly wanted to be a washing machine) and that awesome episode of Girls where Lena Dunham‘s character freaks out on him for being so pretty and successful.

2.His breakout role was as closeted gay Mormon political climber Joe in Angels in America

Angels-in-America-patrick-wilson-3657879-833-469Wilson in Angels in America

Wilson first came into the spotlight on Broadway (I remember seeing him in The Full Monty), but he exploded into the pop culture consciousness by nabbing a crucial part in one of the most talent-packed, buzzed-about projects in cable history: HBO’s adaptation of Tony Kushner‘s Pulitzer-winning “Gay Fantasia on National Themes” Angels in America. Looking back in 2010, Wilson demonstrated his level head in an interview with The Advocate: “You know, early on when we were dating, my wife asked me, ‘Did you care if anyone thought you were gay after Angels in America?’ I said, ‘No, I hope they thought I was gay, Republican, a lawyer, and Mormon. Then I did my job.’”

3. He has been nominated for an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and a Fangtasia Chainsaw Award.

Wilson in Hard Candy

The latter was for his performance in the extremely intense, sickeningly effective indie thriller Hard Candy, where he played an is-he-or-isn’t-he pedophile predator who finds himself at the business end of Ellen Page‘s revenge fantasy. Two great performances from two great actors in one deranged little movie.

4. His choice of roles is baffling to the point where it becomes surrealist comedy

InsidiousWilson (and friend) in Insidious

Seriously – you gotta give the guy credit for not giving two shits about what going from Watchmen to All My Sons on Broadway to Insidious to Prometheus to singing “God Bless America” during the 2010 playoffs at Yankee Stadium to The F-ing A-Team might do to the public’s necks. He’s clearly not interested in playing it safe, and we like that.

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