Weekend Meme: ABC Fires “Work It,” Stiles Straps In On “Teen Wolf,” and the Rise of Tebowie

Towleroad broke the news that not only will George Clooney be playing David Boies in the Los Angeles production of 8, but that White Collar’s Matt Bomer and Glee’sMatthew Morrison Matthew Morrison will play plaintiffs Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo at the March 3 performance.

There is already a petition demanding an apology from CBS for airing the child-exploitive Focus on the Family commerical during the NFL playoff game on Saturday.

First Germany blocks Blackberries after work hours for employees, now Brazil defines answering work emails from home as billable hours. I’d be rich if I could bill both jobs for that.

Nickelodeon has confirmed that it’s going to series with Fred, starring Lucas Cruikshank as the oddly spoken teenager. And they’re also giving him a series called Marvin, in which he plays a quirky alien trying to adjust to life on earth. Sorry, but there is only one alien named Marvin, and he wants to blow up the earth.

RuPaulRuPaul thinks that everyone needs a sense of humor about things like Work It, and that he loves “tranny.” Somehow, I don’t think GLAAD will ever be able to explain to him why it’s wrong.

Speaking of Work It, we don’t have to speak of it anymore, because ABC has cancelled the stinker after the second showing, devoid of critics and curiosity seekers, bombed. They’ll be airing repeats of Last Man Standing until (hopefully) they can launch Cougar Town.

But if you need a show to be angry about, there’s always Nat Geo’s new reality show with the nation’s top Boy Scouts competing with adults for merit badges. Yes, I know what I typed, but I’m leaving it in.

I don’t know what to make of this idea that spacesuits need to be made to purr like cats to prevent bone loss. It’s like I’m being told I can never evacuate the planet without being tortured for eternity.

In what is likely to be a symbolic gesture in the heavily Republican legislature, a bill has been introduced in Minnesota to repeal the bill that placed a constitutional amendment banning marriage equality on the ballot.

Meanwhile, Washington is only two votes short of achieving marriage equality, but those two votes could be very hard to come by.

When asked about the campaign to get Kim Kardashian to pay more taxes, Warren Buffett seemed perplexed by the existence of the Warren Buffettwoman. “I’ve seen her name. But I wouldn’t be able to tell what she does but put her name in the paper.” Me either.

Russell T. Davies is working on a new project with the folks behind The Sarah Jane Adventures that he says will be “Doctor Who meets Harry Potter.” What’s the title of the children’s show? Why Aliens vs. Wizards of course!

Ricky Gervais is certain to offend Sunday night at the Golden Globes, mostly because he can. “I do the Golden Globes like some people play golf on a Saturday. It’s fun, but it can’t affect me because come Monday morning, I’ll be writing a new stand-up show or I’ll be writing a new TV show or I’ll be writing a new film. So it’s not exactly bravery.”

Paramount has announced that production has started on the Star Trek sequel, and yes, for those who expressed concern, Zachary Quinto is back as Spock, and yes, Addison, Karl Urban is returning as well.

Rick Santorum has an extended family back in Italy, and they’re not thrilled with his politics, and they don’t think his grandfather, who Santorum touts has having escaped fascists, would be either. Because he ran from the fascists because he was a communist, as is most of Santorum’s family in Italy.

Chris HughesSummit says that it can see Twilight continuing beyond the second Breaking Dawn movie. Nobody is sure if they mean movies or a television show, or just some way to continue separating people from their money.

Chris Hughes, the out co-founder of Facebook is reportedly considering buying The New Republic. Sure he’s got $700+ million to throw around, but is print media really a good investment?

In a complPaula Deenetely NSFW post Gawker’s Brian Moylan writes about who in the NFL playoffs he wants to, uh, practice with.

Paula Deen is expected to simultaneously announce that she has Type 2 diabetes and that she’s endorsing a diabetes drug from big pharma for millions of dollars.

Perez Hilton is going to be invading the WWE Monday night as a guest ring announcer.

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