Weekend Meme: Alec Baldwin Banishes Homophobia, Gareth Thomas Basks In the Sun, and Neil Patrick Harris Rocks Out With Smurfs

I hate to start on a downer, but for those of you hoping to
wed Daniel Craig now that New York
has marriage equality are out of luck, becauseDaniel Craig he went and married his Dream House costar Rachel Weisz.

Despite being the first Pixar film to ever receive a
“rotten” rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Cars 2 is on track to bring in $70 million this weekend, besting
everything and beating initial estimates. Bad Teacher is coming out strong,
headed for $30 million.

Ryan Murphy says
that his new American Horror Story is a genre piece about “creatures”, but mostly it’s about
what scares us in life. He also says that the scary is very sexual between
stars Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott. He’s also moving
forward with plans to bring The Normal Heart to the big screen.

Speaking of The Normal Heart, the Broadway
revival has been going out of its way to attract younger audience members,
offering $30 tickets to folks under 30 on Thursdays. And it’s working. Go read
the reactions
of gay men who grew up after the worst of the deaths.

AT&T lobbyist Troup
follows his resignation from the board of GLAAD with a resignation from Equality California. I completely agree Carol Bradythat ethics and rules were
called into question with this scandal, but I do hope it doesn’t derail
corporate funding for these organizations, which I respect a great deal. Most

Carol Brady, aka
Florence Henderson reveals that she once got crabs in the 1960s after an
affair with former NYC mayor John

Here’s good news – the TSA says it’s perfectly OK to travel with your vibrator.

On the kickoff of Pride New York, as the state senate was voting on
marriage equality, police raided The Eagle. Supposedly the operation was planned
weeks in advance, but f they planned that far in advance, it means they intended to shut down the bar
on one of the biggest nights of the year for the gay community.

Speaking of voting on things, Texas is one vote away from authorizing Confederate Flag
license plates. It will all come down to who Texas Gov. Rick Perry appoints to
the commission.Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth is looking to star in the Vietnam-era indie AWOL.
Also in negotiations is local favorite Max

Ron Paul wants the gold reserves at Ft. Knox audited for
completeness and purity. Me, I’d like them sold to save some money on security.
Why do we need hard reserves at this point?

President Obama has appointed former Rep.
Patrick Murphy
to the West Point Board of Visitors. Veteran Murphy
spearheaded the drive to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in Congress, and many
believe it cost him his seat.

Rep. Murphy is also probably why, for the first time, active
duty military members will march
in San Diego Pride as a group. Not all the
marchers are gay, and they won’t be in uniform, but for a city with such a huge
military identity, this is a big deal.

Ben BarnesOver at GayGamer.net, they’ve got your 8-bit versions of Pride Anthems, like
“Firework” and Ke$ha’s “We R Who We R.”

Ben Barnes is set to star opposite Jeff Bridges in the big screen adaptation of Seventh
for a possible franchise launch. Studios are throwing every young adult series at the
big screen hoping to find the next Harry Potter.

Patricia Kluge,
once the wealthiest divorcee in America with a settlement rumored at $1
billion, has filed for bankruptcy protection. True story,
five-year-old me once met the Kluges, as a family friend lived near their
estate. Mr. Kluge was a famous recluse, but he waved at me.

I was unaware that my future ex-husband and The
Book of Mormon
star Rory
co-founded Broadway Impacts
with Gavin Creel. Here are five other things you may not know about O’Malley, who I
can’t wait to take home to meet mother.Wilfred

Wilfred was the highest premiering comedy ever on FX.
Personally, I think that Brent’s rave review sold the show short, as
it’s the most brilliant thing I’ve watched in years.

Both the U.S. and the UK versions of Torchwood: Miracle Day will have different extra scenes. Rumor has it that some of
what they filmed is too racy for broadcast on the BBC, but is fine on a pay
premium like Starz. Finally! We get the nudity the Brits can’t handle.

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