Weekend Meme: “Attitude” Asks the Perfect Question, Keith Olbermann Gets Fired, and the Sugar Dandies Waltz Into Our Hearts On “Britain’s Got Talent”

In what could be big news, Pink News is reporting that Catholic Cardinal Keith Michael Patrick O’Brien is giving a speech Sunday removing opposition to civil marriages in the UK, but says the church will still oppose same-sex marriages taking place in churches, Catholic or not. Of course, this is probably an excellent April Fool’s Day joke, and I do say excellent as it was written subtly.Gareth Thomas and Arnold Schwarzenegger

In news that I’m going to assume is an April Fool’s Day prank, they’re also reporting that Arnold Schwarzenegger is considering replacing Mickey Rourke in the Gareth Thomas movie. Can’t they find someone Gareth’s own age?

But what appears to be true about Arnold is that he, Danny DeVito and Eddie Murphy are planning a sequel to Twins called Triplets. Because the world really needs that.

Sports Illustrated is reporting that a man tried to extort money from Major League baseball’s Carl Pavano about an alleged three year relationship they had in high school. Pavano’s sister contacted police after the man supposedly tried to extort a Range Rover. The man says the extortion was a joke, but the relationship was real, and they were open about It in high school.

I completely appreciate the father’s reaction to his gay son, even if I have some issues with someone coming out at age seven, just because we’re all so malleable at that age. Maybe I knew, but I didn’t know. But to hear a father say “I don’t see how a father, or any parent, can look at their son, the one they’ve loved since before the child was even born, and upon hearing him say, ‘Dad, I’m gay,’ turn their back on him” makes everything right with the world, at least for a little bit.

Conner HabibConner Habib is a porn star. He’s also an English professor, a friend of Alec Mapa, and writes great pieces. His piece on the tradition of rest stop sex is drawing fire from the left and the right, which is somewhat amusing, because whether it’s for you or not, precisely legal or not, it’s a fact of life that it exists. I told him that personally, I asked for equality, not assimilation, and I really do believe that. I understand from Twitter that Connor is Logo’s new Sexpert, though I haven’t confirmed that with the home office. I’ll miss Colby Keller, but I think Connor can bring his own thoughtful answers to the world.

MTV2 is launching a hip-hop version of Hollywood Squares. It’s not all hip-hop artists, but people who believe in the hip-hop lifestyle. Kat Graham, Bam Magera, Nick Cannon, and Ghostface Killah are all signed up, amongst others. But who gets to be Paul Lynde?

MTV is also bringing back Art Breaks, the PSA style spots that once featured the likes of Keith Haring. It’s been commissioned with MoMA PS1 and Creative Time.

GLAAD has added the National Organization for Marriage and Pat Robertson to the Commenter Accountability Project, seeking to advise cable news of the stances of anti-gay bigots before they invite them to speak.

I love that now that Goon is opening in the U.S., reviewers in mainstream publications are taking time to mention that what starts Seann William Scott’s characterGoon Doug on his career as an enforcer on the ice is a gay slur.

The Catholic Church is forcing Anna Maria College in Massachusetts to uninvite Vicki Kennedy, widow of the late Senator Ted Kennedy, from their commencement speech over her political views.

Take a moment to write Landmark Cinemas to help get Question 1, the story of the Maine marriage repeal, on screens in their theaters nationwide.

A man in California was attacked by a mountain lion, but rescued by a bear that attacked the lion and drove it off. What’s most impressive is that he then bandaged his arm and panned for gold before returning home.

A judge has dismissed the $105 million lawsuit against AOL brought by unpaid bloggers attempting to get a piece of the money AOL pumped into the Huffington Post. I sympathize in a way with the bloggers, I don’t write here for free, but I know what I’m getting paid upfront, and so did they – nothing. I write the occasional column elsewhere for free for a cause, but regular work is negotiated upfront, not after the fact.

Are Republicans retreating on the same-sex marriage battle?

Keith Olbermann is no longer with Current TV. It wasn’t a pretty split, with Olbermann saying he plans to sue. He’ll be appearing on Letterman Tuesday night to plead his case.

I’m just going to go out on a limb here and say these gay joke tweets by The Price Is Right model Amber Lancaster aren’t offensive. Queerty is right  - we can’t be offended every time someone uses “gay” in a joke. This is pretty innocuous, and I laughed.

Rep. Aaron SchockCanada is dropping the penny, forcing retailers to round to the nearest nickel. It’s expected to save the government $150 million a year. I’d love to see that happen in the U.S., but it would be a nightmare with the various state sales tax rates.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington is accusing hunky Republican Rep. Aaron Schock of misappropriating $150,000 in campaign contributions for personal use, including a $319 charge for P90X DVDs written off as “healthcare.”


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