Weekend Meme: Celebrity New Year’s Even Pictures, Cheyenne Jackson Takes Miami, and Patrick Wolf Is Getting Married To a Man!

Happy New Year to you all, and congratulations on making it
to another year, and even another decade, depending on how you want to count

Even more congratulations are in order, because singer-songwriter
Patrick Wolf tweeted that he’d been upgraded by his boyfriend William Charles Pollock to fiancé status.

Meanwhile, Aslie
, founder of one of the first gay football clubs in England is being recognized by the Queen herself with a Member of
the British Empire (MBE) for his 20 years of work fighting homophobia in sport.

The end-of-year lists are still hitting the news. Our
friends over at The Bilerico Project have listed their Top Ten LGBT Stories of 2010. It was truly an eventful
year, some good, some bad. You might have the events ranked in a different
order, but what they included is fairly comprehensive.

Vanity Fair has
named their Gayest Moments from Glee.
Sadly (for us at AfterElton.com) that doesn’t involve any gay lovin’ for Kurt, but it does include the Britana make out session.

An (obviously) fake news article that quoted Justin Bieber as being in favor or building the not-a-mosque at
not-Ground-Zero caused the fundies to call for a boycott of the young musician’s
work and shows. Can’t we just boycott him because none of his songs use more
than five different words?

I can’t stress this enough, but you need to get over to Spokeo and see what information it
has collected on you, because it’s scary. Follow the instructions in the linked
story to have your information removed. I was stunned at how much information
it had on me, from income, assets, savings, family and more.

As was promised, The National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention has
formed new task forces specifically to focus on preventing suicide in GLBT
youth. Kevin Jennings is heading the effort as the new year begins. I’m so glad,
because I can’t take another fall filled with dead kids.

You can now buy tickets for the stage version of Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City, which runs May 19-June 19 at the American Conservatory Theater.  Lyrics for the
show are by Jakes Shears and John Garden, so you know it will be a
gay ol’ time.

Vietnam’s Hang Son Doong cave is massive, containing its own jungle, and plenty of room to stack the
Empire State Building, which I always thought was an odd way to measure things.
But it is truly beautiful.

While Captain Owen
was merely the XO on the carrier Enterprise,
he produced a series of shorts with sexist innuendo and
images, simulated bestiality, and disgusting homophobia. Now he’s preparing for
his maiden cruise on the ship as the man in charge, just as Don’t Ask, Don’t
Tell is hitting the scrap heap.  You tax
dollars at work folks, since this was done on government equipment.

Everyone should visit Key West, either for the debauchery
that is Fantasy Fest, or to see a drag queen named Sushi get dropped in giant high heel on New Years’ Eve.

From Utah, of all places, hope for gay youth: the number of active Gay-Straight Alliances has jumped from
9 to 32, and even with the discriminatory laws that only apply to these clubs,
they’re making a difference in the lives of young people.

 Brian Austin Green is looking forward to the rest of the season of Desperate Housewives, and is completely
comfortable being a shirtless boy toy for Bree. Now can we just get a shirtless
boy toy for Bree’s son Andrew, and have it happen onscreen?

Cheyenne Jackson
finally escaped the frozen Midwest where he was stranded over Christmas. He spent
New Year’s performing Prelude by Barton G. at Miami’s Adrienne Arsht Center. He
even took some time onstage to pay tribute to his main man Monte Lapka, who I believe uses his advanced physics degree to create
a cloaking device that makes him invisible every time a camera is around.


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