Weekend Meme: Channing Tatum’s Still Got a G-String Full of Singles, Kathy Griffin Got a Talk Show, and Renault’s Bingo With Twingo

Bravo held their winter TCA meeting today and announced that Kathy Griffin was getting a once/week pop culture talk show starting in the spring. They also announced Kathy Griffinthat Sandra Bernhard would be popping into Watch What Happens Live each week for “Sandrology,” a rant about something from pop culture from Bernhard’s unique perspective. Here’s hoping they film on opposite coasts.

Dr. Dre is under fire from PETA for a limited edition set of “Beats by Dre” headphones that come with fox fur for $695. Beyond the obvious issues with fur, who would wear these? I’d think something was crawling on me the whole time!

In 10 Things We Didn’t Know Last Week, a priest may have saved a young Adolf Hitler from drowning. So many jokes, and all of them inappropriate.

Speaking of priests, Cardinal George has finally, quietly, issued an apology for repeatedly comparing gays and lesbians to the KKK. “”I am deeply sorry for the hurt that my remarks have brought to the hearts of gays and lesbians and their families. I can only say that my remarks were motivated by fear for the Church’s liberty. This is a larger topic that cannot be explored in this expression of personal sorrow and sympathy for those who were wounded by what I said.”  The statement was released on the website of the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Richard HuntJanuary 7th was the 20th anniversary of the death of Richard Hunt, the gay Muppeteer. He brought us Statler, Janice, and my personal favorite, Beaker.

The Devil Inside is set to scare up big bucks at the box office, with around $30 million, on a movie that only cost around $1 million. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol will take second at $19 million, and Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows will be third with $13 million.

Rhona Mitra is set to join Cinemax’s Strike Back as the female lead in season two. If you haven’t watched Strike Back, it’s a lot like a 1980s action film, but as a series. Plus there’s gratuitous male nudity.

NBC’s Smash will stream the pilot episode online beginning January 16th via Hulu, iTunes, Amazon and Vudu.

Congratulations are in order: On the fifth anniversary of Alan Cumming and his husband Grant’s wedding in London, they got married again – in New York City. Cumming tweeted the news with the hashtag #eatmericksantorum.

Channing Tatum’s wife Jenna Dewan says her husband has great stripper moves (he should, they are making a movie about it). “He’s amazing. He’s a great stripper!Channing Tatum I should ask for more.” Steven Soderbergh says Magic Mike has “enough male skin in this to make up for a century of discrepancy.” I seriously doubt that.

While Joe Manganiello says that after a routine in Magic Mike he could go back to his trailer, take off his clothes, and some one dollar bills would fall out, Channing Tatum is easily the star. “Oh, Channing, by far. He’s like on another level. Obviously, he’s got more experience. Matt Bomer was a musical theater major in college, so he had to do a lot of dance, so Matt’s got some great routines.”

Alec Baldwin has returned to Twitter. He’s also returning to the next season of 30 Rock, assuming there is a next season of 30 Rock, because that hasn’t been decided.

The Justice Department has updated their definition of rape after 90 years. It now includes men, which should help in reporting and statistics.

Disney movies never really tell the whole story. These are 10 Nagging Questions Left Open By Disney Movies, including What ever happened to Prince Ali’s people in Aladdin?

Is Rob Lowe the new Regis? Lowe’s people are supposedly in advanced talks about him taking the chair beside Kelly permanently.

Warner Bros. screwed up with Dustin Lance Black’s script for J. Edgar and sent Academy voters a post-production script for review, not the original script used for shooting. There’s concern it could harm his Dustin Lance Blackchances for a second Oscar.

The Phone Stack is the newest way to try and make people interact with the people at the dinner table and not with people in another building. There’s even a penalty for losing.

The gay blogs are in a fury about Brian Moylan’s The Secrets Gay Men Don’t Want You To Know. A lot of my friends and people I respect are outraged. But personally, I think it’s brilliant. It’s heavy handed, sure, but written to be that way, just like a Cosmopolitan story it parodies. And what is says, within the boundaries of broad generalizations, is entirely true. Bottoming is fun. Sorry, but cocksucker is not an insult, it’s a statement of fact, and I’ll answer to that term. Same with the others he names. But people are so upset. Maybe he’s not talkingGawker about you, George Smith of Peoria, but he is talking about millions. As for Tyler Coates’ mock offense at his Twitter response, well, I think Brian gave the critics a response in the same spirit of the article. Plus, well, does anyone really expect anything different from Brian and Gawker?

But for the record, yes, Seth MacFarlane‘s tweet still ticks me off. We have spent a huge amount of time and money trying to end “that’s gay” and this isn’t clever or game changing. I’m still waiting for one person to show me how he’s an ally of the community other than a few words in an interview. Is he at rallies? Testifying? Giving money? Raising money for AFER? Because if he is, I’ll come around. I did for Lisa Lampanelli after her $50,000 donation after her run in with Westboro Baptist Church.

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