Weekend Meme: Eminem Dissed Lady Gaga, Disney Turns Red for Gay Days, and Jesse Tyler Calls Eric Stonestreet “Gay For Pay”

I really can’t find any flaws with Daniel Radcliffe. He’s cute, he’s talented, he’s polite, he’s
insanely rich. And he helps out The
Trevor Project
. So Daniel Radcliffethe Trevor Project is going to award him their Hero Award next month. I guess he can put
it beside the one he got for defeating Voldemort.

On Friday came the not-so surprising announcement that the Chicago Cubs would become the second MLB team to make an It Gets Better video. It wasn’t so
surprising because Laura Ricketts, a
lesbian, owns the team with her family and sits on the board. But what was so
surprising was that 24 hours later, in response to a petition by a 12-year-old,
the Boston Red Sox would announce their intent to make a video themselves.

Meanwhile, coming
out in the locker room
remains a difficult trick to master, even at an
elite school like Stanford.

Being John Malkovich was so important to someone, they stole his passport. And a lot of other items from his
hotel room in Prague.

The American Family Association
took their petitions to Home Depot about ending support for GLBT causes, and
Home Depot basically told them to get lost. Which makes me sad that I’ve
been spending all my money at Lowes.

 Colton HaynesThe things that have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary would
make even an American English teacher cry.

We had mentioned on Friday that doorQ.com had received a
nasty cease and desist letter from Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes’ attorney about images from an XY Magazine spread he’d
done in the past. While we linked to excerpts of the letter, you really need to read the whole thing to see how far over
the line this was. As for the photospread, according to the former publisher of
Haynes’ mother signed the modeling release and approved the

I suppose that since I am only familiar with the Saturday
morning cartoon, I could be entirely ignorant about the Smurfs being racist. I was certainly ignorant that original Smurfs
changed color based on mood. But as for the upcoming movie, in Neil Patrick Harris we trust.

Blabbeando has the fully translated, completely disgusting interview NY state Sen. Ruben Diaz gave to Juan Manual Kelsey and Camille GrammerBenitez, who really
deserves a medal attempting to deal with this man.

I’d chalk this up to tabloid rumor if TMZ didn’t have the court documents, but Kelsey Grammer’s proposed custody
arrangement with his wife is to separate the kids. He only wants the boy. That’s
a new low.

The airman who was discharged under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in
April requested discharge under the policy, even after he was
advised that it wasn’t necessary.

Two out of the five Hottest Actors of the Summer have significant gay ties. Sebastian Stan was the gay
prince in NBC’s Kings, and Nicholas
was willing to help a gay buddy out in Skins, as well as play up to his
professor in A Single Man.

There’s a Tea Party Congresswoman who’s more anti-gay and disgusting than Michele Bachman? Now I’m really Lady Gagascared.
Thanks a lot Missouri.

Weird Al has a second Lady Gaga
parody coming out, and it’s a pun worth of our own snicks: “Polka Face.” I’m really afraid for the video.

Anyone who thought Sir
Elton John
had reformed notorious homophobe Eminem can think again, because he just made a horrible dig at the godmother of Sir Elton’s baby.
In his song “A Kiss” Eminem says “Tell Lady
she can quit her job at the post office, she’s still a male lady.”

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