Weekend Meme: Gale Harold Joins “The Secret Circle,” Armie Hammer Is a Prince and Honoring Elizabeth Taylor’s Activism

Around here, I’ve found if you want to grab people’s
attention, open with a bit about Gale
. The bad boy of Queer AGale Harolds Folk has been cast in The CW pilot The Secret Circle. He’s a
heterosexual love interest, and we don’t know if the pilot includes a gay character at all, but Kevin Williamson is running the show,
so there’s always hope. And I’ll be happy just watching Harold onscreen next to
Thomas Dekker.

That same casting article notes that Daneel Ackles (formerly Harris) has been cast as one of the
lesbians in I Hate That I Love You. I find it hard to imagine that a show
centered around introducing a lesbian couple could be devoid of gay men, so I
nominate Daneel’s real life husband Jensen
to play the hot gay friend.

It only took a week or so for WWE to break their alliance with GLAAD when announcer Michael Cole tweeted “Faggot” at fellow
announcer Josh Matthews Saturday.
Cole has since deleted the tweet and apologized to those offended – though he
seems to think it was our fault, “It was obviously not meant the way it was
taken.” See? We took his one word tweet wrong. Damn oversensitive faggots. WWE
has apologized and scheduled him for training. GLAAD evidently has the weekend

Cathy.In.Canada alerts us to the Juno Music Awards Sunday
night, with out artists like kd
up for “Hallelujah” and Owen
up for Alternative Album of the Year.

Captain Jack harknessTarget seems awfully focused on stopping Canvas for a Cause from collecting signatures supporting gay
marriage on their property, while not bothered at all by other signature
drives.  They seem determined to make WalMart
look pro-gay by comparison, and that’s not good.

Captain Jack is
going to Cannes. That’s right – Torchwood: Miracle Day will be promoted at the ultimate movie festival. Who wouldn’t
kill to be a fly on the yacht that John
entertains on?

It turns out “Johnny Are You Queer?” really was. Queer that is. Except he wasn’t any one person.
I’m really confused.

Bradley Cooper tells
Brett Berk that he likes big powerful things between his legs.

Margaret Cho seems really surprised that Victoria Jackson is a crazy right wing homophobe.

The creators of The Venture Brothers are totally aware of all the slash fiction and animation that
you sickos have put out on the web. And not just the characters, but about them.
But one takes offense that he’s drawn as the bottom just because of his
physical build. But at least Henchmen 21 and 24there’s cuddling.

It turns out musicians go “road gay” on tour and start seeing
their long haired bass players
as sexually attractive. Not that they ever
acted on it.

Armie Hammer has been cast as Prince Andrew Alcott in The
Brothers Grimm: Snow White
. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s
the role Hammer was born to play.

Two police officers who beat up two gay men in Denver without
provocation then lied about it, only to be proven wrong by surveillance footage
have been fired. But not charged with assault.

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure if Simon Cowell is praising Glee, or trying to ride the coat
tails of the insanely popular show to promote The X Factor.

Geraldine Ferraro,
the first female candidate for Vice President of the United States from a major
party has passed away after a long battle with cancer at the age
of 75.

Michael StipeMichael Stipe of REM says that YouTube has replaced MTV (if so, I’d like my stock options),
and that that’s why he makes “art films” for his songs now and not music
videos. Which I would find pretentious and annoying, except “UBerlin” with Aaron Johnson dancing through the
streets was most certainly art.

Sheets that wick
away sweat
(why did no one think of this before?!?!) are a brilliant idea,
but do they resist lubricant stains?

Mila Kunis has joined James
in Oz, the Great and Powerful. She’ll play Theodora, the youngest
of the three witches who starts off good and goes over to the dark side after
Franco rejects her.

Ryan Murphy will
not direct Willow Smith in a remake
of Annie.
Now if all the other gay directors will choose to do the same, we can Never
Speak Of It Again.

I watch a lot of cartoons, and consider myself something of
an expert on what works. So I have to wonder how many kids will watch an animated Warren Buffet teach them about money.Bret Michaels

Bret Michaels is suing CBS and the Tony Awards for being hit in the head
by a piece of scenery in 2009. Michaels has had a series of health problems
since then, but it seems like a lot of factors are at play.

Patti Smith is
writing a follow up book to Just Kids.

On the rare occasions that one saw Elizabeth Taylor out socially over the last few years of her life,
it was generally at the WeHo bar The
, surrounded by gay men. Now the bar has a shrine going, as well as a cocktail. I think
she’d approve.

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