Weekend Meme: Gareth Thomas Strips Down, an Extended Look At “Partners,” and Ashley Hamilton Joins “Iron Man 3″

Obviously the BBC is planning a huge event for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, and most expect that multiple generations of The Doctor will appear. One that won’t is Christopher Eccleston,Christopher Eccleston who left quickly after reviving the franchise. “I know what went on and the people who were involved know what went on. That’s good enough for me. My conscience is completely clear.”

The UConn hockey team has become the latest to join the You Can Play program from Brian Burke, welcoming GLBT players to their team if they can help the team win. Coach Bruce Marshall says that the videos weren’t done to be “a nice beacon for the university.’’ They were the players’ idea, and he told them they better be willing to back up their words. They realize that they may get some ribbing over it, but team captain Sean Ambrosie says if they become known as “the team that made the gay video,’’ they are more than happy to be that.

The SpaceX Dragon capsule is not only safely docked at the International Space Station, the hatch is open and the astronauts are ready to begin unloading their supplies.

Against Me! singer Laura Jane Grace made her debut in front of the band for the first time since announcing she was transitioning to a female. Not much time was spent talking about the change on stage, but several new songs were premiered, including “Transgender Dysphoria Blues.” Fans don’t seem fazed, like 23-year-old Jimmy Gomez Adam Lambert“She did it for herself, not for anybody else. This is about her. She’s doing something she really loves now and she’s really happy – that’s really awesome.”

Focus On the Family has reviewed Adam Lambert’s Trespassing. It almost seems like they tried to hate it despite enjoying it. “Several songs hint at his willingness to engage in a risky sexual encounter with someone he’s just met. And in this, Lambert perhaps unwittingly reinforces the stereotype historically held about gay men: Namely that they’re promiscuous and sexually voracious, ready to indulge a carnal tryst at virtually any moment.”

What are the tax implications of the zombie apocalypse?

Men In Black 3 is looking to finally dethrone The Avengers this week. The third outing from Will Smith is tracking to end the four day period with $75 million, while The Avengers slips to a mere $45 million in its fourth week of release.

Ashley Hamilton is signed up to play yet another villain in Iron Man 3, which is starting to look like it has a rogues’ gallery worthy of an Avengers movie. Hamilton will play Firepower, which seems to hint that The Mandarin will at least have a connection to the film.Ashley Hamilton

Mao Sugiyama, a Japanese chef born male, felt he was truly asexual, so he had his genitals surgically removed. Then he auctioned seats at the dinner table, and cooked and served his own junk to guests who paid $250 each to dine on his severed parts.

The Ontario government is working on legislation that would require all schools, even “private” religious schools, to allow gay-straight alliances, and to require that schools allow them to be called just that.

We’ve been reading stories about people picking John Waters up hitchhiking over the past two weeks, and evidently, they’re all true. Waters was doing the adventure for a book, but also for the anonymity. Only some of the folks who picked him up knew who he was, while Waters says that there’s not an airport in the world he can go and not be Queen Elizabeth IIrecognized.

A federal judge in California has again ruled DOMA unconstitutional, this time as it pertains to limiting how same-sex spouses and domestic partners can join a long term care program administered by CalPERS without the fund losing tax status. The Obama administration refused to defend the law, leaving it to the House’s BLAG to fail again.

Here are 86 surprising facts about Queen Elizabeth II, including the fact that she is the first member of the royal family to be awarded a gold record.


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