Weekend Meme: “Goon” Gets Gay, Naked Pictures of Kathy Griffin Are “A Foreign Land” To Anderson Cooper, and NPH Dances With Sailors

We told you Friday that Zachary Quinto was returning for the second season of American Horror Story, joining Jessica Lange. At the Paley Fest round table it was announced thatEvan peters hottie Evan Peters, along with Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe would also return. All Ryan Murphy will say is they’re playing characters who are the opposite of what they played before, which is a shame, because I found Tate all sorts of sexy, in an ax murderer sort of way.

Scientists are anxious to launch Justin Bieber into space. No, really.

AFER’s Chad Griffin has been named the new head of the Human Rights Campaign. “Momentum is on our side, but that kid that I used to be, there are thousands if not millions of them out there, in Arkansas and [elsewhere].”

I’ve run the trailers for Seann William Scott’s Goon before, and the last one I asked if the two guys pinged anyone’s gaydar but mine. Now that the movie has opened in Canada (at #1), it’s more obvious that Seann William Scottthe event that kicks off Scott’s fighting career is a player calling his friend a fag, which Scott takes exception to since his character has a gay brother. Has anyone seen it?

An open letter to those who judge my single, post-college lifestyle

Downton Abbey has renewed contracts for most of the cast through season five. Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary), Elizabeth McGovern (Cora), Hugh Bonneville (Robert), Joanne Froggatt (Anna) and Brendan Coyle (Bates) have signed on the dotted line.

In what may be the most epic takedown of a conservative reporter I’ve ever read, California Gov. Brown positively destroys a Washington Times reporter who fails to have any facts correct.

Rush Limbaugh has finally made a half-hearted apology to Sandra Fluke for slut shaming her for days as a a “slut” and “prosititute.” He says he chose his words poorly. Understatement, especially considering the number of advertisers fleeing his show.

The Maine Catholic Diocese says it won’t actively fight the marriage equality ballot in that state.Cee Lo Green

Why is the internet full of cats? It seems that “In the world of cats, there is no dog park.”

Carrie the Musical has opened again, but the classic pig’s blood scene is kind of a disappointment. “The signature prom-night hemo-baptism of bullied, beleaguered outcast Carrie White (excellent, transfixing demon-waif Molly Ranson) is accomplished via (booooo!) digital projection, as is her subsequent mass murder of the senior class.”

Cee Lo Green is going to take up a Las Vegas residency, Loberace, in homage to the famous showman.

Alex O'LoughlinHawaii Five-0 star Alex O’Loughlin will miss at least one episode of the series as he seeks treatment for prescription pain medication he received as part of a shoulder injury.

Tyler Clementi’s make-out partner, known as MB, took the stand in Dharun Ravi’s trial. “I noticed there was a webcam, faced over in the direction of the bed. I just thought it was strange. Being in a compromising position, it just caught my eye that there was a camera lens looking right at me…I started walking down toward the end of the hallway. A group of people standing there were looking at me…it seemed unsettling.”

Dan Byrd has signed on to the Louis CK pilot. He’ll play opposite Ashley Tisdale as “Fred, a bright but penniless film editor who can’t stand stupidity and serves as a sardonic observer of people and their foibles.” I wonder if Fred’s gay? That’s almost a boilerplate gay character description.

A fourth man has been charged in the brutal beating of Brandon White outside an Atlanta grocery store.

The Lorax is dominating the box office this weekend, despite almost universally bad reviews. The Dr. Seuss story is expected to take in nearly $60 million, with Project Justin HartleyX, the R-rated teen comedy, will take second place with $17 million.

Justin Hartley landed the lead in First Cut, the CW’s medical drama. He’ll play “Will, a handsome and flirty surgical intern, a golden boy that all girls want to date and all guys want to hang out with.” Why isn’t it ever “a golden boy that all guys want to date and all girls want to hang out with.” Because I totally want to date Justin Hartley.

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