Weekend Meme: Happy Birthday Jim Henson, Lady Gaga’s Paws Up Forever, and Jimmy Kimmel Welcomes DADT Repeal

Get out a tissue, and head over to watch the video for Paws Up Forever Project, inspired by Lady Gaga’s Make a Law for Jamey campaign. Lady GagaThese kids are something
else. I don’t know what I was doing at their age, but it wasn’t this.

Speaking of Lady Gaga,
she’s set to premiere another short film at Paris Fashion
Week with the Mugler Women’s Wear Collection Show.

In France, if you want to know if your son is gay, there’s an app for that. Well, if you’ve got Android,
there’s an app for that. Just answer a series of questions about stereotypes, and
it will tell you if you need to pack your son off to reparative therapy.

Ana OrtizUgly Betty’s Ana Ortiz
has given birth to a healthy baby boy. Sadly, she didn’t
name him Justin, which would have been perfect.

Archbishop Timothy
says that gay marriage is going to “precipitate a
national conflict between church and state of enormous proportions.” Which
could be true, but only if the church continues to insist on trying to oppress
the state, which isn’t its role. We just want to put a ring on it, not tear
down your gold altars to make them.

As I write this, Moneyball is on pace to win the box office with $21 million, edging
out The
Lion King 3D
with about $20 million. There seems to be some conflicting
information about how Taylor Lautner’s
is playing, with some estimates saying $18 million, proving Lautner’s a star. Others are saying it’s a $10 million bomb.

Anti-gay former eBay CEO Meg Whitman is now head of HP, meaning I will trash my printer when the
ink runs out and buy another brand before I’ll put a dime into her pocket for
a new cartridge.

The NFL has quietly added sexual
orientation to its non-discrimination policy
in their collective bargaining
agreement. Maybe this isn’t precisely paving the way for a player to come out,
but it certainly eases the path just a bit.

Ilene Chaiken,
creator of The L Word, has sold a pilot to NBC under Dick Wolf’s banner about a lesbian doctor couple who work at an
inner city hospital in Philadelphia.

It’s not just kids that kill themselves. 40-year-old Bryan Egnew, a classic practicing
Mormom, came out to his wife and children as gay. His Kim Kardashianwife immediately packed
up the kids and took them out of state, the church excommunicated him, and then he took his own

Kim Kardashian
has been voted the Most Annoying Celebrity, edging out Charlie Sheen and Paris

Maryland delegate Tiffany
, who withdrew her support for marriage equality earlier this year has been indicted for misappropriating campaign funds to
pay for her own heterosexual wedding.

As we mentioned in Twitterwatch, even out stars like Neil
Patrick Harris
seem oblivious to Chik-Fil-A’s anti-gay history. So it
comes as disappointing, but not surprising that Modern Family star Sarah Hyland showed up to the opening of the new Hollywood location. I’m
guessing Jesse Tyler Ferguson‘s invitation was lost in the mail.

The language on the North Carolina ballot initiative to
write discrimination into the state’s constitution is only one sentence long. But the relevant bill has two
sentences, leading some to say that something fishy is afoot.

Mei LanIt turns out that Mei
, a giant panda born in Atlanta, is not the female she was identified as
after birth. Shipped to China to do a turn in the breeding program to save the
animals, it turns out Mei Lan is all male. Evidently pandas aren’t that well hung, and
once they start getting fur, it’s hard to tell.

Just how much bubble wrap would you have to wrap yourself in to
survive a drop from a six story window?

It turns out the U.S. Patent Office will issue a patent on how to build a snowman. So before
yJoe Manganielloou build one this winter, you may owe a licensing fee.

Britney Spears is
in hot water for carrying a (fake) gun in public while filming her new music
video in the UK. Guns aren’t as common over in the UK, and brandishing one for
art, in a neighborhood rocked by recent riots isn’t a good idea.

Joe Manganiello is set to guest star on Two and a Half Men as the
new boyfriend of Bridgette, Ashton‘s ex-wife on the show. Do you
think Manganiello and Ashton will strip down and compare abs as they compete
for Bridgette.



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