Weekend Meme: “Husbands the Series” Returning, Jayson Blair In “The New Normal,” and Channing Tatum Moons Jonah Hill

Gather around kids, I have news. In case you missed it, Jane Espenson and Cheeks have announced a second season of Husbands the Series is underway. Details of the plot are under wraps,Husbands the Series but I did manage to check in with Jane, and how they intend to go about this sounds like great fan service. Stay tuned!

Chaleo Yoovidhya, the billionaire inventor of Red Bull, has passed away at the age of 89. I can’t even begin to count how many insanely bad (but so entertaining) decisions I’ve made on Red Bull.

Photographic evidence has surfaced of advanced scientific research being done by our future feline overlords. And you thought I was crazy. Or on Red Bull.

I Am became the first gay film to win Best Hindi Film at the 59th National Film Awards in India.

Jayson Blair, last seen as a gay jock making out with a dude in the showers on The Hard Times of RJ Berger has been cast in a heavily recurring role on Ryan Murphy’s The New Jayson BlairNormal. He’s going to play Clay, “who has a Midwestern feel, is dangerously sexy and is entitled — even though he peaked in high school.”

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Jason Russell, cofounder of Invisible Children, which put out the viral video Kony 2012 last week, had a meltdown in Pacific Beach and was arrested naked in the streets, allegedly vandalizing cars and masturbating in public. I’ve been to Pacific Beach, and that happens most Friday nights. As for what happened, the official line is exhaustion, and his wife blames the stress of people who mock the organization’s history. Oh, and there’s video of him naked in the streets, he’s kind of hot.

Roger Ebert makes a case for how Bully might remake the entire ratings system for the MPAA, and possibly even tear down a code that has little transparency and hasn’t evolved with the times.

John Fashanu, brother to Justin Fashanu, the only player ever to come out in the top league while still playing, says he doesn’t believe his brother was gay. Granted, he says a lot of offensive things, but he also makes broad statements like ““It’s a macho man’s game and I think there are reasons why we haven’t had any gay footballers come out. I don’t believe there will be.” So I don’t know how seriously we’re supposed to take him when he says his brother came out for attention.

Welsh actor Matthew Rhys, somewhat ironically, has been cast in the FX spy drama The Americans opposite Keri Russell. No, they’re not trying to appeal to gay viewers with that combo,Matthew Rhys not at all.

Indiana has revoked the Indiana Youth Group’s vanity plate for giving low number plates to donors. They’ve also revoked another group’s plate for the same action, which was what anti-gay Republicans wanted. While it had been common practice in the past for groups to give the plates to donors, when the law changed to give the BMV authority to issue the plates instead of the legislature, this became illegal. Consider a donation to IYG to help them make up the revenues lost from the plate.

The SpaceX Dragon capsule is cleared to dock with the International Space Station in April, loaded with fresh supplies. Are we headed towards a fully privatized space industry?

Newsarama is speculating that if it is Northstar and his boyfriend Kyle who walk down the aisle in Astonishing X-Men #51 in June, it probably won’t end well, because it seldom does for mutant Northstar and Kylemarriages.

According to The Archbishop of Westminster, the Most Reverend Vincent Nichols, gay couples, even those together for decades, aren’t in a relationship worthy of marriage. “I would want them to be respected, but I would want them to have a vision in themselves that what they are called to is not marriage but a very profound and lifelong friendship.”

OWN has cancelled The Rosie Show.

Thank you, Michaelangelo Signorile, for deciding the next great battle in gay rights in getting Comcast to stop televising the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. I’ll put that on my gay agenda while I’m on my way to the wedding chapel in one of the 42 states that don’t have marriage, or going to work in the 29 that don’t have employment protections, while I’m writing about all the kids who weren’t bullied to death. Seriously? “The truth is, most LGBT activists weren’t focused on the St. Patrick’s Day Parade all these years, with bigger fish to fry. But many are now looking at this as unfinished business — as I said, an embarrassment in a state where we now have marriage rights — and they are also seeing Comcast as a company that is vulnerable.”Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill

21 Jump Street is set to win the box office with $35 million, a great showing for an R-rated comedy. The Lorax will bring in $27 million, with John Carter trailing at $13 million.

I’m just going to tell you to get the tissues and then go read A Jock Takes Off the Mask. So proud of this kid.

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