Weekend Meme: “Kaboom” Explodes With Bisexuality, “Fight Club” the Musical, and Congrats Chris Hughes and Sean Eldridge

I’m going to start with some good news: Rep.
Gabrielle Giffords
is now breathing on her own without the help of a

More good news: Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes is engaged to marry his boyfriend of five years, Sean Eldridge. The two are hoping to
Chris Hughes Sean Eldridgehelp push through marriage equality in New York so they can wed there.

In still more good news, The
is having a very mediocre opening weekend, and is expected
to finish around $18 million, compared to more typical $30-$40 million opening
weekends for a Vince Vaughn movie.
Which is one of the mysteries of the universe in the first place.

Professional curmudgeon Larry
has an editorial on AIDS at CNN, and he’s as blunt and honest as ever about how horrible this epidemic has been and still is. I respect Larry
for his consistent message, and he’s not wrong.

There’s a casting call for a gay version of Jersey Shore. Please, FSM, don’t let this happen, or they’ll make
me watch it.

One thing I don’t mind watching is Chris Colfer on Glee. And
the Sacramento Bee agrees he’s fantastic. And so does Mike O’Malley. Also, Jesse
Tyler Ferguson
can’t help but gush when talking about Colfer. Since we had Colfer’s first interview ever, we Sarah Michelle Gellarfeel like proud papas
around here.

Sarah Michelle Gellar
is coming back to television, hopefully. She’s been cast as the lead in a CBS pilot called Ringer. She’s on the run from the mob,
and hides out by pretending to be her wealthy twin sister, who she doesn’t know
is also a mob target.

Could they actually turn Fight Club into a musical?
Should they? Can they send me tickets to it if they do? I don’t think it could
be good-good, but it could possibly be so bad that it’s great.

In other ideas without creative merit, Ben Stiller talks about the Zoolander
. They seem to think they can make it fresh with Will Ferrell.

David E. Kelly’s Wonder Woman reboot could still happen. Basically, he says that it’s a
huge concept, and it just came too late in pilot season for a network to have
enough money left to try it. But he’s Chaz Bonostill bullish on the idea.

The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) will premiere the Chaz
documentary in May. 

The guy in the dress and the funny hats is going to beatify the guy who wore the dress and the
funny hats before him.

Spoiler alert: They’ve cast Barney’s (Neil
Patrick Harris
) father on How I Met
Your Mother

Nurse Jackie and The United States of Tara are back for new seasons March 28 on Showtime, which should
be about the time that Spartacus: Gods of
the Arena
withdrawal begins to kick in.

Jesse Eisenberg is going to host Saturday
Night Live
, which should be different, since he’s not terribly
Church Lady - Dana Carveyexpressive, though I do think he’s extremely talented. But I’m more excited
that Dana Carvey is hosting the
following week, because his Church Lady
was squarely in my own personal Golden Years for SNL.

The Last Supper, recreated with laundry lint.

MTV has picked up a series based on the book I Just Want My Pants Back that sounds like it would be a glaring
omission to not have a gay character in the show. But I haven’t read the book
so it’s hard to tell.Emmy Rossum Shameless

Rep. Duncan Hunter
of California is attempting to derail implementation of Don’t Ask, Don’t
Tell repeal by sponsoring a bill that would require the individual service
chiefs, including that homophobic Marine Commandant to certify repeal is a good
idea. It just goes to show what we’re in for with this new Congress, and it’s
going to get ugly.

Emmy Rossum has a lot of fun things to say about her character in Shameless, but when she’s asked about
Ian, having an affair with a married Muslim, she says “With children. Married
to a white chick. You’re just like, how many people can we offend at once?”
Well, probably about five times as many as you inspire with the same story, but
I can live with those odds.

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