Weekend Meme: Lee Daniels Unites the Blondes, Adam Lambert Embracing His Role, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Needs a Haircut

It looks like out director Lee Daniels has picked a new project, the adaptation of Pete Dexter’s The Paperboy. He’s after
top line talent, Bradley Cooperhoping to have Bradley Cooper
play Alex Pettyfer’s older brother,
and Sofia Vergara as the wife of a
death row inmate. It’s set in Florida, so maybe we can hope for minimal
wardrobe for the male cast?

Remain calm, James
has joined

The retrial for murder music king and Grammy winner Buju Banton for drug charges has gone to jury deliberations. I can find very little reporting
on the trial that isn’t horribly biased, but it doesn’t sound like the
government made a very strong case.

I’m really just surprised that it took this long.

This past weekend’s International Bear Rendezvous will be the last. Organizers cite increasing costs as the
reason and it’s just sad that one of the most high-profile events for bear
culture is coming to close.

Madison HildebrandIn a new interview with GregInHollywood, Million Dollar Listing’s Madison Hildebrand says “And more than
anything, I think coming out on television was a big decision for me because I
know how hard it was for me to come out to my family and my friends. And I just
wanted to be an example to show other people that you can be young, you can be
successful and you can be gay and you don’t have to worry other judgment. That
was a good thing for me.”

In this totally NSFW (and presumably fake) HR memo, helpful
substitutes are provided for all those things you want to say at the office,
but might get you fired.

It turns out that the early tribes of Briton may have actually used human skulls as mugs. Makes that
helmet with the two beer can holders seem a lot less hardcore, doesn’t it?

Lady Gaga says
that she only agreed to launch a special edition of her new
album at Target after meeting with the entire executive team and getting
agreement that they would become more involved with GLBT groups. However, a Target
spokesman has downplayed this.

The Republican majority in the House has voted to cut funding for
Planned Parenthood, which provides pap smears and treatment for over a million
poor women each year, as well as funding for the National Endowment for
the  Arts, and stripped PBS and Big Bird of their money. But they left in the cash for the Army to sponsor a NASCAR

I wonder if Chick-Fil-A will leave the Get Mor Equal folks alone,
or choose to unleash the lawyers and draw even more publicity to their anti-gay
Get Mor Equalways?

Michael Patrick King
has cast Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist actress Kat Dennings as a lead in his Two Broke Girls pilot. Basically it’s
and the City
for people without infinite bank accounts.

A bill has been filed in Montana by a Tea Party politician that would void all local GLBT rights ordinances
passed at the local level within the state.

Meanwhile, in Georgia, a bill has been introduced that
basically requires an investigation into all miscarriages to determine if they
were secret abortions.

Adam Lambert
sounds like he’s growing more comfortable with being not just an out
musician, which he always took in stride, but also more of a gay role model. Says Adam, “It’s
an amazing opportunity to help people. It is more than the music. It’s a
lifestyle thing. And I think that there isn’t a ton of visibility for gays and

In Maine, a federMike O'Malleyal judge has ruled that Maggie Gallagher and the National Organization for Marriage must reveal their donor lists for their successful campaign
to defeat marriage equality in that state. NOM has consistently fought any
attempts to identify their funding, but are they willing to take the fight to
the Supreme Court?

The Berlin Film Festival has wrapped up, and the Argentine
melodrama Ausente has
taken the Teddy Award
for top GLBT film.

Mike O’Malley
says worry not, Gleeks: His deal for a new pilot on Fox called Family
includes a clause giving him six episodes as Burt Hummel on
thus guaranteeing more tears from me.


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