Weekend Meme: Rapture News Roundup, Goodbye Macho Man, and Guardians of Oa Respect Male Modesty

If you’re reading this, you were not raptured either. Still,
it was fun while we all ignored all the real problems in the world for a few
more days,


Lisa Lampanelli
is not my favorite person. And as you know, I generally think the argument “She’s
an equal opportunity offender” is intellectually ridiculous. But I will give her props: faced with a Westboro Baptist Church protest at a
show, she pledged to donate $1,000 to Gay
Men’s Health Crisis
in WBC’s name for every church member that showed up.
She counted 44, and made good. When WBC claimed 48 protestors, she rounded up
to $50,000.

The Louisiana legislature voted down anti-bullying legislation 43-54, even after
sexual orientation and gender identity were stripped from the bill. It’s a
shame they hate children so much.

Meanwhile, as the Don’t
Say Gay
bill passes the Tennessee house, an online effort to get the board of directors of the Chamber of Commerce, which lobbied for
the bill to denounce it gains steam. AT&T endorsed diversity, but it was
Alcoa that came out and asked the governor to veto the bill.

Pete Doherty is headed to jail for six months. Based on what I’ve read
in the tabloids, he still won’t have detoxed by then.

Being ElmoBeing Elmo, the documentary of the man behind the world’s
sauciest three-year-old, got a distributor at Cannes. I’m hoping it makes a release
on IFC soon.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s
lawyer is going around issuing takedown notices of to websites that
ran the image of what appears to be Gyllenhaal in his underwear imitating Grace Jones. I can’t imagine that the
claims they’re making can go anywhere, but they can intimidate small sites into
removing it, all while drawing more attention to the photo.

In 1920, Harvard purged gays from the school in an effort to remove
a stain on their reputation. Now they embrace diversity, and consider the purge
the stain on their reputation.

Skoonheid was awarded the Queer Palm in Cannes this year. The movie
deals with the story of a married man who is forced to deal with his attraction
to other men. So it’s about Republicans?

Ellsberg on Bradley Manning
And yes, it is the same.

I am so sorry, Great Britain.

Macho Man Randy
, icon to so many little boys of a certain age, is dead of a heart attack while driving.

Ed Asner was
asked if he’d consider appearing on Hot In Cleveland opposite Betty White, and he gave my favorite response ever aboutEd Asner Betty White Betty White. “We were
talking about my appearing there, but so far it hasn’t worked out. Betty is
such a sensual creature, it would be difficult to have to put up with all of
the sexual grabbing and grasping going on. Give her some sedatives, and then I
think we may be able to make that happen.”

Pets were seized from a man in Sonoma County after it was
learned he planned to kill them in preparation for the Rapture. Probably not
earning him many holy points.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is set to sail away with a projected $90 million
domestically this weekend, which Klaineputs it down as a flop on some people’s score
cards. These are people I would never want to date, because I could never live
up to their expectations.

NPR has a great interview with Phoenix Suns’ Grant Hill about how homophobia is no longer acceptable in
professional sports. And not just because his boss Rick Welts, is gay.

Go vote for Klaine
for most romantic. They’re barely holding their own against
Damon and Elena from The Vampire

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