Weekend Meme: Ricky Martin’s Big Week, “Glee” Video Overload, and Ryan Reynold’s “Green Lantern” Quick Change

Ricky Martin has
had a hugely visible week. I’m drawing a blank on any talk shows he’s missed
being on, and he just seems incredibly happy on each. He’s also the coverboy for People
en Espa
, with his children
in his arms. I have no idea what the article says, but I’m sure it’s great.

SAG/AFTRA signed a new deal with producers that avoided a
strike for us, gave them immediate and future raises, and avoided big jumps in
their health care costs. In this economy, that sounds like a miracle. But some
aren’t happy, because the contract no long specifies first class airline
on trips under 1,000 miles, or from Hollywood to Vancouver, slightly
more than 1,000 miles, but very common. My heart bleeds for them.

Did anyone watch The
episode about watching Glee?
Evidently Oscar was “that guy” during the screening.

Barclays has decided to reimburse their employees the tax penalty on
domestic partner benefits, since the federal government doesn’t recognize the
relationships in terms of health care.

The big screen adaptation of Big Valley has Lee Majors
grooming his beard, but delays may cost them Stephen
, who has to get back to work on True

The Florida Family
, which was claiming to have bullied Kodak into pulling their advertising from DeGrassi: The Next Generation over the transgender character and Riley’s story? Yeah, they were lying. Feel free to buy Kodak products
again. In fact, buy extra to show your support.

Mel Gibson turned over a bunch of guns to the police department as
part of their ongoing investigation. Most entertainment sites are making it
sound like he had a zombie apocalypse arsenal, but living in West Virginia, I’d
be shocked if each and every one of my neighbors didn’t have this many guns in
the house. Actually, I think my mom has this many guns in the house.

Angela Lansbury is going to play Katherine
daughter in Adaline. No,
I didn’t type that wrong. The movie has Heigl getting into an accident and
stop aging. This could be interesting.

Disney Channel is creating Madison High, about a school trying to create top-notch musical theater
. The show is centering on 11-to-16-year olds, and will be more High
School Musical
than Glee, with students breaking spontaneously into song. The
question is if Disney will try and create another show about a musical theater
program without having a gay teen character.

Cindy McCain stepped
out in a powerful video
from NOH8
calling for the end of Don’t Ask, Don’t
and linking it to the institutionalized bullying of society and the
teen suicides. Twenty-four hours after it was released, she tweeted that she
does not support the repeal of DADT and stands with her bigoted husband on the
subject. Some are a lot less than happy with her.

Chris Geidner delves a little deeper into the Supreme Court decision not to
remove the Ninth Circuit’s stay on Judge Phillips’ DADT ruling, and what it
might mean if Justice Elena Kagan
were to recuse herself from a future appeal, and what happens to the ruling
depending on where the appeal stops. Hint: Having the Obama administration drop
the appeal now is important for more reasons than politics.

Meanwhile, in Texas, Justice
and retired Justice Breyer
sparred on the role of the judiciary in the system of laws,
and I have to admit, Scalia scares the bejabbers out of me. He finds death by flogging
to be “stupid” but not unconstitutional under cruel and unusual punishment. And
he’d like to repeal the 17th Amendment and have the Senate appointed
by the legislatures of the states. I suppose he’s not one of the “let the
people vote” conservatives.

Demi Lavato is in
a treatment center getting some help. But that doesn’t mean the House of Mouse
can wait for her, so they’re going to refocus her show Sonny With a Chance on other characters. Lavato plays the “Sonny”
in Sonny With a Chance, by the way.

Campion tips us
to a high school in Canada where the real-life Glee kids
don’t get slushied
, and it’s fine if they want to be in glee club and on
the football team.

Mormons are softening their official language on gays. They no longer
outwardly hate us from the pulpit, as long as we don’t do gay stuff. And as
long as we’re totally celibate, we’re free to go serve them for free where they
need us.

Meanwhile, the Finnish state church is inventing a new blessing for gay civil unions in that

GLAAD’s Allison
talks to our friends at The
Bilerico Project
about their new digital initiative with Facebook to reduce cyberbulling
and anti-gay rhetoric on the service.

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