Weekend Meme: Roseanne Barr Offends Transgender Community, President Obama Speaks About Marriage Equality, and Meet the Proto-Gays Of “The Carrie Diaries”

Sir Ian McKellen came out of the closet in 1988, in his 40s. But he says while it’s wonderful Sir Ian McKellento be liberated, being in the closet helped make him a better actor. “There was no Graham Norton on the television at that time, no gay MPs, no-one talking about gay rights on the radio. So I dealt with it my trying to cut that part of myself off, to hide myself, to choke a part of me. When you are made to feel you are so wrong for being who you are, that’s what you do. I think that’s why so many great British actors are gay – we spent so long pretending to be straight, to be someone else, that eventually we became very good at it.”

The Washington Blade was turned away from an anti-marriage rally being attended by Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

I hope that was on a scale of 1 to 10.

Musician Shelby Lynne is riding high on the success of her album Revolution Road, but don’t ask her if she’s gay. “Let me put it to you this way. I’ve been around the world and back so many times, I think everybody’s gay. Everybody’s a little gay. As far as my personal life, I don’t go into details because that’s all I’ve got. With the person that I allow out in the music, that’s plenty. But I am secure enough to say that of all of my relationships, I’ve covered the boundaries. [laughs] I don’t think there’s any need anymore in our time and Rosanne Barrera for titles or brands … because either way you try to sensitize it, somebody’s going to be offended. So the best thing to do is just be who you are and be proud of it and hopefully everybody can love who they want to love. I certainly wouldn’t want to offend anybody who is gay and out and all that kind of stuff. It’s not my concern what other people do. It’s only my concern about how I conduct myself. I believe in a person’s privacy. Not everything has to be announced. Why state the obvious? There’s a curiosity about a lot of people’s sexuality but you also have to respect that not everybody wants to sit around and talk about it.”

Pointer Pointer. You may lose an inordinate amount of time playing with this.

Roseanne Barr has never been known for censoring herself, but she offended the transgender community with a series of tweets about bathroom access that have to be seen to be believed. In theory, she’s always been on our side, but with this, you have to wonder.

A redditor is going to perform a scientific experiment on factors that affect the taste of his semen with the help of what I have to assume is a very liberated girlfriend.

With the recent ruling of DOMA being unconstitutional in the Windsor case, the ObamSeth Greena administration has filed a brief with the Supreme Court to use the case as the benchmark in overturning the law. Windsor became a perfect test case when the Second Circuit ruled that the case should be evaluated using heightened scrutiny.

Seth Green is set to guest on How I Met Your Mother, reuniting him with Alyson Hannigan. He’ll play a college friend of Lily and Marshall’s that is convinced they were very close in university, while the duo barely remembers him.

Do take the time to read the interview with out own Ulysses Grant Dietz about his new book, Vampire In Suburbia, being the great-great grandson of Ulysses S. Grant, his family and his work at the Newark Museum.

Debbie Harry has a theory as to why the level of political discourse has dropped to such inane levels. “I am thinking we have been invaded by aliens who Debbie Harryhave reduced the intelligence level of the entire fu*king country to cement.”

Note: Applying hot sauce to your anus will probably not result in long lasting erections.

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, at least as famous for his naked sex parties as he is for running the country has been sentenced to four years (reduced to one) for tax evasion. He will appeal and probably never serve a minute.

David Marshall Grant has set up pilots at several networks, but the one that caught my eye was at HBO. “It revolves around three friends in San Francisco who explore the fun and sometimes overwhelming options available to a new generation of gay men.”


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