Weekend Meme: “The A-List:Dallas” Controversy, the Ongoing Beefcake Argument For “Suburgatory,” and “The Princess Bride” Reunion

In what may be one of the most ridiculous lawsuits in history, a woman is suing because
she went to see Drive and it wasn’t enough like Fast Ryan Goslingand the Furious for
her tastes. She’s suing over deceptive marketing and hopes to take it class action.
Frankly, I’d be suing if it was like Fast
and the Furious

CBS originally exiled How to Be a Gentleman to Saturday
nights, but before it even aired in that wasteland the show ceased production and was canceled.

MTV’s O Music Awards
will be attempting the record for World’s Longest Dance Party, and will provide publicity and
methods of donation to benefit GLBT groups like GLSEN as part of the

When I saw an online comic of Steve Jobs at the Pearly Gates and St. Peter checking his name off on an iPad, I thought it was a
sweet tribute. But now that the New Yorker is doing it as a cover story, many are crying out at the
religious insensitivity of it, since Jobs was a Buddhist (something I didn’t
know). Bill Maher predicted that the
conservatives would try to claim Jobs for their own.

Meanwhile, Sony PicturJefferson Starshipes is acquiring the movie rights for the authorized Steve Jobs biography that has been
moved up to next month.

A new online poll at Rolling Stone has named “We Built This City” by Jefferson Starship the worst song of
the 1980s. The only gay representation on the list was Wham! with “Wake Me Up (Before You Go-Go)” at #4. I’m
sure our own snicks has an opinion
on this subject – what was your worst song of the 1980s?

In news sure to worry Addison
here, Pete Travis has been kicked out of the editing room on the Karl Urban remake of Judge
over “creative differences.

The Simpsons actors have reached deals for salary cuts that
will allow the show to progress through two additional seasons, which will take the longest running
scripted show in history to 25 seasons.The Simpsons

In what could be the most ridiculous bill that the Supreme
Court will be forced to strike down in a long time, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) is looking to extend the Controlled Substances Act overseas
for Americans. Basically, the proposed law would make it illegal if you planned
a trip to Amsterdam, and made plans to smoke legal marijuana while you were
there, if the planning took place on U.S. soil.

Please go read this essay by Thomas
on bullying. I’ll wait.

Samantha Newark
was the voice of Jem, and she answers all sorts of questions, like how to be truly
outrageous, which of Jem’s nemeses would be in rehab, and if Jem would make an
It Gets Better video if she were on the air today.

When Father Tony interviewed the cast of The A List: Dallas, he asked them
just how they were different Levifrom the original New York cast. Garrett Taylor chimed in “We’re
younger, hotter and have less wrinkles.” Thank heavens Father Tony focused
the rest of the interview on how hot and hung Levi supposedly is.

The new home HIV tests have been field tested to 99.2% accuracy, comparable to a
doctor’s office, and studies now show that people are twice as likely to take a
home test than they are to go to their doctor or a clinic.

Fox News can’t seem to stop being offensive, even when they’re
being supportive of something. Laura
suggests that Hermain
could be the country’s first black president, since his mother wasn’t
white like President Obama.

A woman has nearly died from sexually transmitted Brazil nuts.
Seriously, you read that right. Evidently the specific nut protein in BraRhea Pearlmanzil
nuts that causes people with a nut allergy to react doesn’t break down in the
body, and can be concentrated in male semen, so when the woman had sex with her
partner who had eaten Brazil nuts hours before, she had a
serious allergic reaction.

Rhea Perlman is set to costar in Kirstie
new ABC sitcom pilot.

All three major cable news networks have
contracted hate group leader
to provide coverage of the Republican candidates through the 2012
elections. Yes, even MSNBC.

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