Weekend Meme: The Diary of St. Kurt, Pee-wee Herman Explains Thanksgiving, and Cyndi Lauper Helps MAC Write a Big Check

First off, I’d like to thank snicks for keeping the Memes up
while I was slaving away in retail over the Black Friday holiday. I’m
completely exhausted, but I’m going to try to dazzle you!

Also, so many of you have emailed, Facebooked, PM’d and
tweeted me birthday wishes, I couldn’t possibly thank you all individually, but please
know I do appreciate it.

On to the news, such that it is on a holiday weekend. I’m
not really sure that I appreciate the tone over at TV Guide where they are wondering why Glee
has become
“the St. Kurt show.” Seriously, we all endured a full season of that
Puck/Finn/Quinn/Terri baby drama that had nothing to do with the glee club, and
you want to whine about three Kurt episodes that are literally “ripped from the

Speaking of Glee,
they’re headed to the UK to perform on The X Factor’s
semi final show
. This could be interesting, since The X Factor has sworn off AutoTune.

The Polari Book Award is soliciting entries. The award is open to any first book
that “explores the queer experience.”

Did you see the awesome smackdown Dan Savage gave CNN for allowing “opposing viewpoints” from
anti-gay people like Tony Perkins on
gay issues? It was live on the air and CNN knew it was coming because he’d
warned them in the preparation. Might this be a turning point?

Ben Cohen. No reason beyond that.

Vulture ran a story on all of Anne Hathaway’s nudity in Love
and Other Drugs
. (There are also some frame captures online that purport to be the tip
of Jake’s weenus in the film, not
that I’ve looked. Nope.). That sparked a debate on why there is such inequality between male and
female nudity onscreen. The NY Mag’s
David Edelstein chimed in that showing a male member is
was forbidden for an R-rating, which we know isn’t precisely true. What do you

Amtrak spoke up quickly and loudly when it was noted that The New Gay was blocked on their on-train
Wi-Fi as “adult content.” The guy who set up the Wi-Fi is a gay man and he fixed it fast. Plus he initiated a review as to why some
sites get caught by the filter.

The Vatican has confirmed its dramatic shift on condoms to prevent the
spread of HIV, and that the change is for more than just male prostitutes.  But in case you thought they might soften on
gay issues in general, well, fat chance. Even
if God designed gay folk
doesn’t make mistakes, "This
does not mean that homosexuality thereby becomes morally right. Rather, it
remains contrary to the essence of what God originally willed."

Jeremy Renner has
confirmed what most already speculated: If the new Mission: Impossible film doesn’t bomb, he might take over the franchise.

Apple removed the anti-gay iPhone app from the iTunes
store. The app allowed people to sign onto the anti-gay Manhattan Declaration
amongst other things. Meanwhile, just saying “gay” continues to get some apps

John Amaechi talks
about his support for Manchester Pride

Fox News picked up a story by TheOnion.com about President Obama writing a rambling
email to the entire nation in which he basically gives up. And the
commenters believed it.

Talk about a limited engagement: Elling, starring Brendan Fraser
and Denis O’Hare, is
closing after only seven days on Broadway

Reports say that Sky and the BBC are talking about airing the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 3D. I’m not convinced the wedding in 3D is that
interesting. The honeymoon, however, could be a big seller on pay-per-view.

Willie Nelson was arrested in Texas for pot possession. Wouldn’t it be
more newsworthy if Willie Nelson had his bus stopped and there was no pot on

Take a moment to have Pee-wee
explain Thanksgiving for you. You’ll be glad you did.

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