Weekend Meme: The Simpsons Aren’t Catholic, Ms. Maddow Loves Ugly Ties and Will the “Glee” Boys Show More Skin Than the Girls?

Out triple threat Michael
Patrick King
, who brought us the Sex
and the City
films is turning his attention to a concept built around the behind the scenes action at a home shopping network.
Attached to star are Meryl Streep, Sandra Bullock and Oprah Winfrey. I’m guessing it’s something like Soapdish maybe. With that kind of pedigree, it’s
either going to be amazing, or a total disaster. Nothing in between is

The largest newspaper in New Hampshire is refusing to publish a wedding announcement for a gay
couple, despite the fact that gay marriage is legal in the state. Their logic sounds
like it was written by Maggie Gallagher, saying they’re not anti-gay, but are
against redefining marriage, and that the people didn’t get to vote to make gay
marriage legal, so they don’t recognize it.

Shock in the UK as Sir
Cliff Richard
is going to tour with Boy
. The story says it makes no sense since the 70-year-old Sir
Cliff could fill arenas worldwide by himself. I have no idea who Sir Cliff is,
so that may be a stretch.

The NPR Ombudsman says that the firing of Juan Williams was handled poorly, but was told by management it was
necessary. Nor will they explain why he was fired without even a meeting, but it’s known he’d been warned about his conduct several times before. I
have no doubt he violated NPR rules code, which are extraordinarily strict,
but it’s unfortunate how the right have managed to turn him into a conservative martyr.

Al Jean, the
showrunner for The Simspons, explains
in excruciating detail why Homer and
Bart are not Catholics,
contradicting the Vatican newspaper. Video

Raising Hope, my
favorite new show of the season, was recently given a back nine order. Turns out show creator Greg Garcia has no plan at all for what to do. No doubt he’ll think of something.

The country cousin of Annie (Shanae Grimes) is headed to Beverly Hills on 90210, and she’s going to attempt to steal Annie’s life. I don’t really care as long as it doesn’t eat into Teddy’s (Trevor Donovan) screentime, or cause
Liam to wear a shirt. Spurf says that they’re rebooting All About Eve, which should make snicks squeal.

Cat Cora is cooking with the Muppets
for “Game Day.” The only thing better than seeing Muppets cook is seeing Muppets
playing the Y Games.

Florida Attorney
General McCollum
has decided not to appeal the ruling against the gay
adoption ban in Florida. Now couples will only be evaluated on the quality of
home they can provide for the children. Welcome to the 21st century Florida!

Two names are in contention for the CIA agent Rex on the new
series of Torchwood. One Tree Hill’s Chad Michael Murray (boo!) and Dollhouse’s
Enver Gjokaj (yay!) are both circling the part. All indications are that Rex is straight, or at least as straight as Ianto was. But I still want to see Enver flirting
with John Barrowman because even straight men
flirt with Captain Jack – it’s physically impossible not to flirt with him.

Billy Ray Cyrus
sits on the Parents Television Council,
the group stirring the pot about the GQ
photospread and the title of $#*!
My Dad Says
. But he disagrees with their decision trashing the GQ spread and the
show, and wishes they’d spend more time creating family television and less
time throwing stones.

A short fan film called Adam
Lambert Light and Love
on the effect the star has
had on fans of all stripes, from young gay men
to adult women, all in their own words.

Liam Neeson is picking up Mel
canceled cameo in The Hangover
. This should be fine with everyone as Neeson is one of the most loved
actors in Hollywood and New York.

Stephen Spielberg
is set to direct Robopocalypse,
which is exactly what it sounds like. Filming isn’t scheduled to begin until at
least 2012, so we’ve got plenty of time to prepare for our new robot overlords.

How do your Representatives and Senator stack up according
to their support of
GLBT legislation
according to the HRC?

Chris Rock is making his Broadway debut in The Motherf**ker With the Hat. Of course he is.

Although it didn’t make the show, John Stamos did
“Sweet Transvestite” for the Rocky
Horror Picture Show

Hollywood can’t stop with the remakes, and Colin Farrell is in the running to star in the new Total Recall.

Playgirl is set to
offer up to $100,000 to Chord Overstreet
or Mark Salling to pose for the magazine, and they don’t even have to show
the goods. The magazine doesn’t have any interest in Matthew
or Cory Monteith, who
are reportedly more “adorkable” than sexy. Obviously the magazine is unaware of Morrison;s performance in Broadway Bares. Chris Colfer’s name didn’t come up.

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