Weekend Meme:”Glee”‘s “Inside The Actors Studio” Set For April, Madonna Too Hot for YouTube, and Dick Cheney Gets a New Heart

In news that may have snicks wrestling Louis (do I fill the pool with oil or mud?) for control of the American Idol recap this week, Stevie Nicks will be the guest mentor.Stevie Nicks

Dick Cheney received a heart transplant, which implies there was a heart in his chest to begin with.

In a move set to launch a scene in a gay porn film, the Texas Rangers have begun selling a two-foot long hotdog.

Pro Publica is enlisting people to go to their local TV stations and copy down the records the stations are required to post for political advertising, including who paid and how much. TV stations oppose having to post their paper records (which are public) online because it exposes ad rates (and political leanings of the stations no doubt).

Nike is in trouble for launching their Black and Tan sneaker on St. Patrick’s Day. As an American, I had no idea about the violent history of the Royal Irish Constabulary Reserve Force. To me it’s Nike Black and Tanjust a mixed beer, and not something I would have thought to research. Evidently Nike thought so as well.

Before you go back to work, check out the eagle cam in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, which has two new baby eaglets. The nest has already ushered 18 eagles into the world since 2006.

Rus Blackwell is lending his rugged mug to Alan Ball’s Banshee, where he’ll play the local DA.

Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild” video is too hot for YouTube, which has moved the video behind their 18+ verification wall, which as far as I know has never stopped anyone under 18, but I remain grateful it exists on mom’s computer.

The Glee episode of Inside the Actors Studio will air in April.Glee Inside the Actors Studio

Nobody is quite sure how much money The Hunger Games will make this weekend, besides “a lot.” Current estimates say around $138 million, which would be a record for a non-sequel.

But I’m not really thrilled with studio Lionsgate, who has gone after Imagine Better, who partnered with Oxfam for Hunger Is Not a Game, with lawyers blazing. I’m no legal expert (Fakename?) but while it’s an obvious tie-in to the movie, the cause is good and there seems like there could have been a better solution than threats. I’m also not convinced that Lionsgate has a leg to stand on for this twisted expression of the title, though the issue at question appears to be some artwork, which may go too far. I still don’t see how this is causing Lionsgate harm, at least in the legal sense.

For reasons I don’t quite understand, LOGO is having a 24-hour Showgirls marathon April 1.

When Disney set out to name the Seven Dwarves, there was actually a list of 40+ names that didn’t make the cut. I think they missed a comedy opportunity by skipping Burpy. I also would have loved to have seen the artwork for Hotsy, and the gayest of all the dwarves, Snappy.

Subaru BRZBrett Berk is enamored with the new Subaru BRZ, but I maintain that a rear wheel drive Subaru is an unnatural abomination.

Eddie Izzard is set to move into Mockingbird Lane, the Munsters reboot. But he says that this new version isn’t a comedy, but a drama. “I think it’s going to be way darker than people expect.”

There’s some confusion in Ohio, where a judge has granted a same-sex couple a divorce. Ohio doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage, so people find recognizing a divorce to be precedent setting, though others seem to think people are reading too much into it.Penny Arcade

I’m more than a little thrilled that a local WV paper has an editorial lashing out at Rick Santorum for his association with pastor Dennis Terry, who assailed gays, Buddhists and Muslims in Santorum’s presence. I just wish they hadn’t based it on the largely discredited study of conservatism and intelligence that was so popular a few months back.

Kudos to Penny Arcade for defending gayliens in Star Wars: The New Republic, though their thoughts on Chewbacca and Han Solo disturb me. Which is why I read them every day.

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