Weeklings!: A Gay’s Guide to People’s Sexiest Men Alive

People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue features Magical Michael himself Channing Tatum as the #1 hottest dude in the universe. Do we agree with that? I’m not too mad (as I explained here), but it’s clear that People consulted mainly heterosexuals when compiling their list. Otherwise where are all the gay Olympians? The gay musicians? The gay vloggers who wield rainbow parasols for a living? Seems biased, right?

In today’s edition of “Weeklings!” I explore some of the magazine’s choices, including Chris Hemsworth, Blake Shelton, Denzel Washington, Ben Affleck, Damian Lewis, Richard Gere, and the always popular Matthew Bomer. Just when you thought you’d tugged on your white collar enough, Matthew Bomer makes you sweat yet again. I’m in.

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