Which Diva is The Next Generation’s Great Gay Icon?

Almost every
generation of gay men since the 1960s has claimed a fabulous diva as their “Gay
Icon” to whom they look for inspiration and, let’s call it "camaraderie." Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand, Cher, and Madonna have all been anointed such at one time
(and technically still are since once an icon, always an icon). Yet somehow the
newest and most liberated generation – that would be mine – has thus far gone
without claiming such a star as our own.

Nothing against
Madonna — she’s been a great Gay Icon in many ways — but she came on the scene thirty years
ago and has already represented quite a few generations of gay men. I’m
thinking it’s time for someone new.

But who should it be? Or will there be multiple icons for this latest oh so diverse generation? Or might we do without an Icon entirely due to the fact that it’s a new world and a new
day and we’re doing things differently?

Personally, I’m
thinking gay icons aren’t going out of style just yet. Here’s a list of
possible nominees, at least as I see it. After I’ve presented these nine
nominees, cast your vote and we’ll crown the next Gay Icon!

Icon Possibility
#1: Lady Gaga


The Pros: With her outlandish, drag queen reminiscent
outfits, as well as her outspoken and outsized personality, it would be easy to
name the bisexual Miss Gaga as the Gay Icon of our generation. Her sense of style and outlandish outfits not only
more than meets the qualifications, but her gay activism almost seals the deal. From
her speech at the Video Music Awards where she thanked “god and her gays” to
her marches for equality to her recent appearance on Larry King Live, this girl
is definitely on our side. And then there are those videos. Truly worthy of a
Gay Icon.

The Cons: Lady Gaga may have star power, but does she
have the power to stay relevant for the long haul? Is her image really going to
carry her for decades to come, or will her crown be taken by someone who has
the ability to change more easily with the coming trends? It’s hard not to
worry that Gaga may end up like the great Cyndi Lauper: in one day, out the next.

4.5 Madonnas


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