Who are your picks for the AfterElton.com Hot 100?


Yes, it’s that time again, when buds are on the trees and visions of beefcake swim in the heads of gay men everywhere. Is it the rising temperatures? Is it that the UPS guys are back to wearing shorts again? We’re not sure, but spring seemed the perfect time to launch the second annual AfterElton.com Hot 100, where we ask gay and bi men around the world for their picks of who the hottest men are in popular culture.

Last year’s poll was a testament to the diversity in tastes among gay and bi men, and this year, to get as many balls rolling as possible, we’re providing Top Tens from members of the AfterElton.com team and some of our favorite online personalities. Ready to make your own contribution? Head on over and vote!

And so, without further ado, here are my picks … 

Hot 100 vet Taye Diggs


10. Chris Evans (Actor, Sunshine)

9. Seann William Scott (Actor, Southland Tales)

8. Taye Diggs (Actor, Private Practice)

Jay Brannan, photographed by Nicolas Moore

7. Byung Hun Lee (Actor, G.I. Joe)

6. Jay Brannan (Musician and actor, Shortbus)

5. Alessandro Calza (Actor, Ciao)

Ian Roberts (from Outrage magazine)

4. Ian Roberts (Aussie rugger turned actor, Kiss Me Deadly)

3. Eddie Cibrian (Actor, Ugly Betty)

2. Ryan Reynolds (Actor, The Nines)

And my new top pick for the year…

1.  Josh Wald (Skateboarder/model)


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