Who’s The Ultimate Angry Wimbledon Sex God?


Happy July! It’s time to declare the great and angry sex gods of Wimbledon. Here’s my only rule: You have to have made it to the finals in order to qualify. (Sorry, Bernard Tomic, but I will give you the opening picture here).

10. Pete Sampras


Great champ, but could be angrier. I want him to rank higher than #10, but alas.

9. Novak Djokovic


I love this spindly tennis man.

8. David Nalbandian


Argentinian rage is one of my preferred flavors.

7. Andre Agassi


If you can still win Wimbledon while battling a crystal meth addiction, you might be a great tennis player. Never forget that he dated Streisand.

6. Roger Federer

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