Winter TV Guide

Thanks to the ongoing writers
strike, are you suffering from Seasonal
Affective Disorder with Desperate
, Pushing Daisies and Gossip Girl having run out of
new episodes? Got the winter blues
because Ugly Betty, Brothers & Sisters, and Dirty Sexy
are about to close up their gay-friendly shops?

Cheer up TV enthusiasts,
there’s still plenty of GLBT themed television to watch while you cuddle up on
the couch with your companion of choice. Whether its reality, drama, comedy,
specials, or movies you’re interested in, we’ve got you covered.

Gay Interest Prime-Time
Shows Ending Soon:

Ugly Betty (ABC)

Ends: January 24

If you’ve loved the
gender-changing Alex, the pre-twinking Justin, and Marc’s (Michael Urie) new romance with the
adorable Cliff (David Blue), then I can only imagine how crushed you are to see Ugly
go in a couple of weeks. Has the writers’ strike squashed any chance
at longterm happiness for Marc and Cliff? Only
time will tell.

Brothers & Sisters

Ends: February 17

With all the backstage drama
over at Brothers & Sisters, I’m
glad to see that the show continues to thrive this season. Uncle Saul (Ron Rifkin) has
finally made his way out of the closet only to find that he doesn’t have much
to do. Meanwhile, Kevin’s (Matthew Rhys) on-again-off-again relationship with Scotty continues
to make him one of television’s most dysfunctional yet adorable gay characters.

Dirty Sexy Money (ABC)

Ends: TBD

Alec Baldwin’s not the only Baldwin having a career spike at the moment (and we don’t
mean homophobic Stephen’s turn on Celebrity
). William Baldwin has
proven fearless in his portrayal of Patrick Darling, a politician torn between
what his head and what his heart tell him.
His relationship with Candis Cayne’s transgender character Carmelita has
been a highlight of Dirty Sexy Money
and one that has never been exploited for cheap laughs. ABC has not announced when they’ll burn off
the rest of the new episodes, but we’ll anxiously await the return of New York’s richest and
bitchiest family, the Darlings.

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