The Greatest Movie Heroes Of The Coming Apocalypse


Usually we go to the movies to escape or relax, but sometimes — in emergency situations — we go to the movies to learn how to survive the apocalypse. And then relax afterwards, maybe.

The new apocalyptic adventure World War Z  which opens this Friday gives us a fearless leader in Brad Pitt, whose stoic confidence has wowed us (and sometimes shocked us) in everything from Fight Club to The Tree of Life. It takes a lot to convince an audience that it’s in good hands, and Brad Pitt wins us over time and again in even the direst of situations. And frankly, World War Z‘s world-ending drama is the direst by far. Thanks for the command, Mr. Durden!

Join us for a gallery of The Greatest Movie Heroes Of The Coming Apocalypse. It’s my “Apocalypse Dream Team,” if you will. Some heroes are picked for their towering Pitt-esque command, some for their comic relief, and one is picked for being the best-dressed and battiest First Lady ever to preside during an apocalyptic attack. (She’s listed last, and she’s dressed like a gigantic five of diamonds from the old game show Card Sharks). 

Who would be on your Apocalypse Dream Team?

World War Z opens nationwide tomorrow.

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