You Must Remember This: 14 Greatest Gay TV Kisses


For Valentine’s Day, TV LINE lists the “19 Best Kisses in TV History.” All lists are subjective, of course, but they really dropped the ball when it came to same-sex inclusion. There are two female/female kisses included (Willow/Tara and Brittany/Santana, but no Xena/Gabrielle?), but the only male/male kiss they include is … Cam and Mitch on Modern Family. Seriously? Not only is that a tepid kiss at best, it only happened because TPTB were pressured into it by fans who were sick of the pair not showing any affection (BTW, they haven’t kissed on screen since).

There are scores of gay TV kisses that should be heralded before that perfunctory peck, so in honor of February 14th, and that bare-assed guy who shoots the arrows, here are 14 of the most memorable gay TV series smooches. Pucker up!

In no particular order

Kurt & Blaine – Glee


We don’t know what was better: The actual Klaine kiss on Glee, or the fan reactions, which were jubilant and life-affirming.

Calvin & Grant – Greek

It was short, but Calvin and Grant’s first kiss was sweet and moving. The fact that it took place in the middle of a frat party while no one batted an eye was icing on the cake.

Oliver & Christian – Forbidden Love

I was wavering between this kiss and the wedding kiss, but this one had the added bonus of horrified audience reaction shots, and Christian all hot and sweaty.

Justin & Austin – Ugly Betty

Watching Justin and Austin’s first kiss is so bittersweet, knowing it came in the final season, and we’ll never know what it might have led to, or what happened with Justin (I still firmly believe that he’s now attending NYADA, and just narrowly missing running into Kurt Hummell every week). And I’m sorry to do this, but now you have to watch this scene again.

Luke & Noah – As The World Turns


Remember when we had such high hopes for Luke and Noah? But all of the after-swim clinching and literal bed-hopping couldn’t disguise the fact that the TPTB were not going to treat them like a straight couple. But we did get quite a few good snogs (more than any other gay soap couple in history), including this one … thanks to the absence of mistletoe. I love Luke’s eyegasm.

Luke & Reid – As The World Turns


Unfortunately, things didn’t improve much when Luke moved on from Noah to lovable bastard Reid. TPTB were so skittish they weren’t even allowed to have offscreen sex, but they did allow LuRe a few good kisses, including this one. This is how we like to remember them, even though we can never forget that Last Kiss.

Ianto & Jack – Torchwood


When we think of Jack and Ianto on Torchwood, this is how we like to remember them, even though we can never forget that Last Kiss.
*See Also – Certainly Jack’s most non-Ianto romantic moment was when he went back in time and met his namesake. Before he was pulled back to our time, he shared one last kiss with “Captain Jack,” and it was one of Torchwood‘s most memorable scenes.

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