Your Week in Beefcake: Cody’s “Big Brother” Striptease

The TV landscape offered more shirtless, ripped guys and, as usual, Your Week in Beefcake is here to capture it.

Friday saw the debut of Syfy’s latest import The Almighty Johnsons, a New Zealand drama about a family who are the mortal vessels of the gods. Or something like that. Anyway, in order to claim their divine birthright each family member must start by getting naked. And if you’re wondering whether the male cast members live up to the title of the show, well Syfy left that a mystery with post-production digital blurring.

Emmet Skelton shirtless in "Almighty Johnsons"

This week Netflix debuted the second season of Hemlock Grove. I’m still a few episodes into the first season but I got a tip that the new episodes include Kyle Mac and Craig Henderson hogtied together naked.

Hemlock Grove

The second season finale of Devious Maids introduced Gilles Marini as a man who could help Carmen launch her music career.

Gilles Marini shirtless in "Devious Maids"

FX’s new creepy horror drama The Strain included a moment where CDC investigator Ephraim (Cory Stoll) changes into his protective suit, a situation I never expected to turn into a moment of beefcake.

Cory Stoll shirtless in "The Strain"

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